It all starts with the right location

Hazardous waste is a huge problem – not just for the environment, but for the profitability of Australian business. Tellus® is Australia’s safest choice, because we use geological repositories, not landfill. This means our sites have natural barriers built-in that make them very effective at keeping the waste away from people and the environment. Multiple international experts independently confirmed that Sandy Ridge has some of the best geology in the world for hazardous waste storage and disposal*.

It all starts with the right location

Sandy Ridge accepts nearly any type of waste in nearly any form (liquids, solids, sludges) and typically, without treatment.

We have $100m in pollution liability insurance and have prefunded our post-closure liabilities, giving further assurance of our commitment to safety and sustainability.

We’ve commissioned the Southern Hemisphere’s largest air dome which allows 24-7 operation and ensures zero water can enter the cell.

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We service mining, mineral processing, oil and gas, utilities, heavy industry, radiological healthcare and Government among others. We take title and risk to nearly any type of waste in nearly any form (liquids, solids, sludges) typically without requiring treatment first. We’re also the only company in Australia that can offer a Permanent Isolation Certificate (Tellus PIC ™) – a source of tangible value – that allows businesses to legally remove the liability from their balance sheets and, ensures they are not exposed to any tail risk liability.

How are we helping the environment?

We have a variety of community engagement and environmentally-friendly initiatives, like our commitment to the circular economy and by providing the opportunity for long-term storage and recovery of strategic wastes. We aim to find value in our waste, turning it into usable materials that society needs. We’re also the first in our industry to go 100% solar during daylight hours.

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