Expansion of Rockvault Team

  • On : February 3, 2011

Media Release


Key points:

The Board of Tellus and GR Rockvault (a 100% owned Tellus subsidiary) is pleased to announce the appointment of the following Directors following signing the JV Agreement between GR Rockvault and Aurora Environmental:

  • Mark Shepherd appointed to GR Rockvault and JV Board.
  • Noel Davies appointed Managing Director of JV Board.
  • John Cook appointed Chairman of JV Board.
  • Robert Charter appointed to GR Rockvault and JV Board.
  • Leading industrial waste management and business development experts.
  • Rockvault WA (JV entity) incorporated to focus on WA opportunities.

Commenting on the changes to the Boards, the Managing Director of the Tellus Group, Mr Duncan van der Merwe said “We are delighted to have the high calibre new appointments onto the Board.Dr Shepherd, Mr Davies and Mr Cook bring considerable experience in commercial and operational industrial enviromental management and Mr Charter is an experienced Australian and international business development executive. Together with the existing team they bring a strong execution focused capability that can add shareholder value.”

Mark Shepherd Director (GR Rockvault & Rockvault WA P/L)

Experienced manager and environmental scientist whose expertise includes the assessment of contaminated sites, the handling and disposal of intractable wastes and managing the approvals process for site development. Mark has been key community liaison officer and brings a wealth of expertise to this critical role. He has led a highly qualified team as Operations Manager of an Intractable Waste Disposal Facility since operations began in 1992. He holds a PhD in Geology, specialising in evaporitic carbonates.

Noel Davies Managing Director (Rockvault WA P/L)

Experienced environmental engineer with 25 + years experience. Noel has worked in a range of senior roles in government and was instrumental in the establishment of WA’s Intractable Waste Disposal Facility. He has also contributed to the development of much of the waste management policy that currently applies in WA. As a Principal Consultant, he has specialised in waste management and the assessment and management of contaminated sites.

John Cook Non-Executive Chairman (GR Rockvault & GR Rockvault WA P/L)

John Cook Non-Executive Chairman (GR Rockvault & GR Rockvault WA P/L) John was Managing Director of the Waste Management Authority of NSW in 1989, and then Waste Service NSW until 1999. He has served on a number of boards in the mining and waste industries, and was a Director of CRC for Waste Management and Pollution Control & founding member of the Waste Management Association of Australia. At Waste Service NSW, John’s major achievements included the establishment of major new materials recovery and composting businesses, going beyond consultation to participation with host communities in the area of sitting waste management infrastructure, and the development of integrated Quality, Environmental and Safety systems. John is a Fellow of AusIMM, IEAust and AICD. Since 1999, John has been Director of John B Cook & Associates P/L, Business and Environment Consultants. Customers have included the largest waste companies, Sydney Water Corporation, Lend Lease, Australian Council of Recyclers, Concrete Recyclers, North East Waste Forum and various Councils.

Robert Charter Director (GR Rockvault WA P/L & Rockvault WA P/L)

Robert is a Corporate Business Developments specialist, experienced in the development of new business for corporate such as Coffey International, IBM, Tellus Holdings, Max Green, Unilever and Australian Defence forces. Robert has global experience in marketing and selling through concepts and services based around innovative technologies for the energy, waste, mining and sciences.

About Tellus Holdings

Tellus Holdings Pty Ltd (“Tellus”) is an Australian-owned mining company adding value to underground rock salt. Tellus is the parent of a group of companies involved in the mining, processing and sale of industrial and edible salts, fertilisers and minerals. Potential complementary businesses include storage in voids created by mining and warehouse storage.

About GR Rockvault

GR Rockvault P/L (a 100% owned Tellus Holdings subsidiary) is storage company.

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Visit: www.tellusholdings.com.au or contact Duncan van der Merwe, Managing Director Tel: +61 2 9238 7631.