How Our Values Drive Our Business

  • On : May 1, 2020

Tellus Holdings Ltd (“Tellus”) is an infrastructure development company in the business of creating economic, social and environmental value from waste, clay and salt resources. This dual revenue model involves mining the commodities kaolin clay and rock salt in thick dry remote beds which creates world’s best practice geological repositories.

We are developing geological repositories that are permanently segregated, sealed and protected to withhold hazardous waste from harming the environment and people. Our four core values drive how we conduct our business:

  1. Ensuring the safety of our workers as our absolute priority
  2. Putting our people first
  3. Delivering outstanding internal and external service
  4. Ensuring sustainability through all of our practices from an environmental, social and economic perspective

Safety First

The hazardous nature of the waste we work with dictates why we need to employ as environmentally sound management principles as possible, to maximise sustainability and protect the people involved. We believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility. We keep an open space for anyone to speak out whenever they might be unsure. Regular training and education are provided for employees, so they can be properly equipped and comply with the safety procedures.

People Development

Our people are our most valuable asset. We recognise our employees’ skillsets, abilities and competencies, as well as the creative and solution-focused approaches our people bring. We value our employees’ growth and career progression by offering opportunities to continuously develop knowledge, practical experience and professional capabilities through training and other learning programs. At Tellus, we put our people first with a culture based on mutual trust, respect and support. This allows our employees to operate in a positive and highly productive work environment where raising ideas and speaking up is not only supported but encouraged, thus contributing to our overall success.


Ensuring our external and internal clients’ satisfaction with our services is paramount to the way we do business. In order to do that, we always strive to offer impeccable service that upholds environmental safety and ensures we maintain the principle ‘we promise what we can deliver, and deliver what we have promised’.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to providing sustainable services for our clients. We are driven by the need to look after the environment. We work to ensure our practices are appropriate and environmentally sound. Our commitment to sustainability supports the welfare of the environment. It positively enhances the economic and social benefits for all stakeholders involved – from staff, surrounding communities, investors and future generation’s, who will ultimately be most affected by our decisions.

How You Can Get Involved

We strive to tackle the environmental concerns of Australia today, contributing to a cleaner Australia through the development of the country’s first commercially operated geological repositories. When working with Tellus, you have the opportunity to be part of a company making a real difference to the environment and its peoples working lives. At Tellus, each and every staff member is not ‘just a number’; rather a highly valuable contributor to the success of a trailblazing company providing a much-needed environmental solution for a cleaner Australia.

We want to connect with other people who share the same vision, align with our values and are committed to embracing and protecting our workplace culture.

If you are looking to work for a highly regarded, innovated and ethical organisation which holds a fundamental commitment to its people and the environment, go to the Employment section of our website or enquire at

At Tellus, together we will make a difference to the environment, the community and each other, every day.