Tellus Has Successfully Built One Of The World’s Largest Air Dome Structures

  • On : April 20, 2020

Tellus Holdings Ltd (Tellus) has successfully built one of the world’s largest air dome structures at its Sandy Ridge facility in the Goldfields region of Western Australia, Sandy Ridge will be the first commercial geological repository for hazardous waste in Australia.

The structure is 180 metres long, 90 metres wide, 28 metres high and covers an area of 16,200 metres squared – the equivalent to two soccer fields and eight stories in height.

We invite you to view highlights of Tellus’ air dome construction by watching the short video linked below.

Tellus has been working in collaboration with international and domestic experts including US based Arizon Building Systems and Perth-based GR Engineering Services.  The air dome structure eliminates water ingress supporting year around, all-weather waste management operations for our clients.

“The air dome is a key part of the project’s safety case and innovative infrastructure solution unsurpassed in the management of hazardous waste in Australia today,” said Duncan van der Merwe, MD, Tellus.

Key features of the air dome structure include a relocatable foundation system, air handling units, vehicle interlock, and heavy-duty membrane. Wind sensors and a fully integrated air quality monitoring system have also been installed.

“At Tellus we strive for engineering excellence, and we have achieved just that with this innovative installation. The air dome is perfectly suited to our requirements at Sandy Ridge and the team worked tirelessly to ensure it was delivered incident free,” said Stephen Hosking, Tellus’ General Manager – Project Development.

The capital cost was approximately 30% of the equivalent conventional building solution with a remarkable 60-day construction timeframe. The dome took just three hours to inflate becoming the first structure of its type commissioned in the Southern Hemisphere.

Further information on the air dome and commissioning can be found within our latest case study, available here:

Case Study Air Dome Structures

Information related to Tellus’ geological repositories can be found here.

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