Employment Frequently Asked Questions

In line with our value of ‘People’, Tellus aims to be transparent with current and prospective employees and provide a positive experience for job applicants through the recruitment process. As such, we have provided a selection of Frequently Asked Questions relating to careers at Tellus.

On our Employment Opportunities page you can scroll down to see the roles we have available. If you identify a role you would like to apply for which is currently listed as ‘Open’, click on the position link for further details on the position and instructions on how to apply.

Tellus will offer roles at our Sandy Ridge site which may include DIDO (subject to meeting the sites Driver Fatigue Policy) from Kalgoorlie, Coolgardie, Southern Cross and surrounding Goldfields region, and FIFO from either Perth or Jandakot airports.

Subject to approvals being granted and final investment decision, Tellus will offer a range of DIDO and FIFO jobs in its projects areas in Central Australia.

The corporate team is also expanding in both Sydney and Perth with opportunities available for local candidates in these cities.

If you are applying for a role outside your state and are selected for an interview, you may be required to pay for your own flight and accommodation in the place where the role is located so that a face to face interview can be conducted with you as part of the recruitment process. In some cases, we may be able to conduct interviews online via our Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business virtual meeting platform.

The length of the recruitment process may differ for each role, however there are standard steps which need to be adhered to such as screening initial applications against the position selection criteria, conducting face to face interviews, pre-employment medical assessment, reference checks, criminal history checks, online assessments and other background checks. The process is likely to take 4-6 weeks, however depending on circumstances it may be a little longer. We will endeavour to keep candidates informed during the recruitment process, however if you have any questions about the recruitment process for a role you have applied for you can email hr@tellusholdings.com.

A standard part of the recruitment process is a pre-employment medical assessment which includes fitness, drug and alcohol testing. This is to ensure that you are fit and able to safely meet the requirements of the role you have applied for, which is in accordance with Tellus policies and procedures and our commitment to putting safety first.

Yes, absolutely. If you believe that you have the relevant skills, experience and qualifications required for one of Tellus’ vacant positions, you should definitely still apply.

From time to time Tellus may offer internships and graduate programs. These types of roles are normally in the scientific and environmental fields (such as Chemists, Environmental Advisors, Technical Project Managers etc). If you are interested in finding out if we have a vacancy, go to our Employment Opportunities page or send an enquiry directly to us at hr@tellusholdings.com.

Whilst we advertise all of our vacant positions, we will review expressions of interest and respond to enquiries about our current and potential future job vacancies. You can send through your CV and enquiry to our Human Resources team via email at hr@tellusholdings.com.

These roles normally require an applicant to have a driver’s licence and forklift licence. Experience in the transport, logistics, industrial services industry is advantageous, however we will also look for transferrable experience from other industries. Specialist roles may require additional categories of driver’s licence (such as heavy vehicle) and tickets for certain plant and equipment. All vacant and future roles listed on our Employment Opportunities page will specify the key requirements for each role. Position descriptions will also contain the complete detail about essential and desirable knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications that apply to each role. You can obtain a copy of the Position Description for all ‘Open’ roles specified on our website by contacting the Human Resources team at hr@tellusholdings.com.

At Tellus we may have roles that suit your current skill set such as forklift driving, truck driving, high pressure water blasting or laboratory and monitoring work. It is always advantageous to have some waste and industrial services experience however we will also look for transferrable skills and experience from other industries such as mining and construction.

Tellus takes all individual’s privacy very seriously. Regardless of the method used to provide your CV or other application details to Tellus, this information will be kept confidential with the Human Resources team and the Hiring Manager, and only other Tellus employees who may need to be involved in the recruitment process for the specific role you have applied for. Only with your prior consent will your application be shared with other persons. All applicants are able to request their application to be destroyed at any time by notifying the Human Resources team at hr@tellusholdings.com. For further information about Tellus’ management of privacy, please request a copy of our Privacy Policy and Privacy Procedure from Human Resources.

If you were unsuccessful for an advertised role we will let you know by email at your nominated email address.

It is not a Tellus requirement to declare how you became aware of a position vacancy at Tellus, however we do value and appreciate feedback to determine which job advertising methods used are working effectively to reach job seekers. This includes employee referrals.

If you were referred to us by an external recruiter, we would need to know about this if you submit an application for a position, as we may potentially have a commercial agreement in place with that recruiter.

If you believe there may be a potential conflict of interest with a Tellus employee involved in the recruitment of a position you have applied for, we would need to know about this so that we can take steps to ensure you and other applicants receive fair and equitable treatment throughout the recruitment process.

If you have any job queries or would like to know more, please first email your questions to hr@tellusholdings.com and our HR team will be in touch with you soon after.