Storage and Recovery Services

Waste management solution
Waste StorageWaste Storage

Tellus can provide project management of the following:

  • Storage (retrievable) of hazardous waste will be stored above ground, if storage is typically less than 12 months or in-cell, if greater than 12 months
  • Issuing of a Tellus Storage Certificate (Entry and Exit Storage Certificate)
  • Recovery of valuable materials that support the circular economy
  • Issuing of a Tellus Materials Resource Recovery Certificate

If you are looking for a partner to provide waste management solutions, please contact us at Tellus.

Waste Storage


The main benefits of Tellus’ resource storage and recycling solutions are:

  • Tellus specialises in difficult to manage hazardous materials and is planning on building a circular economy park (technology park) at our repository that will require additional regulatory permits
  • Many of our clients share the same values as us, as we both see some waste types as a valuable resource, where we should find ways for it to re-enter the circular economy or be stored safely until it can be reused or recycled
  • The opportunities present themselves due to economies of scale, storing ‘like with like’ in mono-cells and looking at the materials on a molecular level is what Tellus believes is the key to converting the waste into a valuable resource and positioning Australia as a leader in high-value niche products
  • Once a material has been identified as having potential economic value a feasibility study will be completed, the plant financed and built
  • After the material has been separated, it will more likely be baled or pressed and then sent to other third party commercial entities to be manufactured into new products
  • This is a domestic solution supporting new value-added green materials and resources, instead of shipping our waste offshore
  • This reduces environmental pressures in Australia and beyond and minimises Australia’s increasing dependence on imports
  • This increases the competitiveness, sustainability and social license to operate of our clients
  • Tellus will deliver opportunities to revolutionise the domestic hazardous materials recycling industry through the creation of new enterprise, associated technology and jobs