Tellus’ Services

Tellus offers waste producers and waste managers unique waste storage and permanent isolation solutions using proven low-risk technology, featuring active and passive controls in a multi-barrier safety case. Our solutions also offer optional pre-gate and post-gate services based on best practices which can be tailored for each client.

Environmental Services


We offer post-gate services including waste treatment and immobilisation which can be tailored for each client.

Permanent Isolation Services

Australia’s first best practice permanent solution for legacy, production and emerging waste streams across all sectors. Tellus specialises in difficult to manage hazardous and intractable materials.

Storage And Recovery Services

Storage And Recovery Services

We believe that waste is a valuable resource and we should find ways for it to be recovered and re-enter the circular economy or stored safely until it can be reused or recycled


We can provide  offer optional pre-gate facilitation services for waste characterisation, packaging and transport to suit client needs.