Chandler Facility

The Chandler Project is located in regional central Australia approximately 120 km south of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory (NT).

The Chandler Project is Australia’s first proposed underground salt mine and deep geological waste repository in a 500-million-year-old halite (salt) bed.

The Chandler Project is located near existing infrastructure – the Central Australian Railway, unsealed Maryvale Road that connects to Alice Springs and the sealed Stuart Highway that connects Adelaide to Darwin.

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The Chandler Facility:

  • Type – underground mining
  • Design – room and pillar
  • Method – continuous miner
  • Access – shafts for salt and people and decline for waste (decline is second egress)
  • All weather (available 365 days/year)
  • Once the facility is full, it would be backfilled, capped, rehabilitated and monitored during an institutional control period (ICP)

Tellus has approval over 25 years to:

  • Mine up to 750,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of halite (salt). The salt can be used in the edible and industrial markets
  • Receive up to 400,000 tpa of hazardous waste at the facility gate, subject to licence conditions.

Tellus has prepared an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to support approval for the Chandler Project. Tellus has also completed a Pre-feasibility Study (PFS) (FEL2.5) and is progressing to a Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) (FEL 3).

Tellus plans to build a circular economy park at the Chandler Facility to recover valuable materials. The technologies used would be dependent on the waste received and the technical and economic viability of the material. The development of the circular economy park will be subject to a separate approval process.

The Chandler Facility would have an initial 25-year operating licence, but with the potential for multiple generations with rolling approval extension. It has the potential to be the NT’s longest life project.

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