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Hazardous waste management presents an ever increasing financial, legal and technical challenge to Australian industry and Government alike. Australia is experiencing substantial annual increases in the volume of hazardous waste generated due to population and economic growth. We also face significant volumes of legacy, new and emerging waste streams entering the market. There is limited domestic infrastructure to effectively, safely and affordably deal with existing and projected hazardous waste volumes. Tellus can provide storage, recovery and permanent isolation solutions to the following industries: oil & gas, defence, mining, government, chemical manufacturing, waste management, heavy industry, contaminated land, agriculture and manufacturing.

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Our research indicates the following facts about the hazardous waste market:

  • Australia is one of the highest emitters of hazardous waste per capita
  • Annual hazardous waste market in 2015 was 5.3 M tpa and growing
  • Legacy waste stockpile is at 1 Billion tonnes and growing
  • Regulators and the community are demanding higher ESM practices and sustainability levels
  • Increasing potential personal liability for directors and senior employees
  • Tightening Australian and international accounting standards
  • Other viable solutions are technically complex, costly and often with long lead times
  • National and international regulations are increasingly excluding a growing list of hazardous materials going to surface landfills

Industry Challenges

Tellus can provide project management of storage, recovery and permanent isolation solutions to oil & gas, mining, heavy industry and contaminated land industries. Learn more about the challenges facing these industry below:

Oil and Gas industry

Oil and Gas

Challenges facing the Oil and Gas industry include: significant legacy waste volumes due to lack of cost-effective industrial-scale domestic solutions, significant offshore and onshore oil and gas infrastructure coming online requiring appropriate, cost-effective, domestic solutions for hazardous waste management.

Mining industry


Challenges facing the mining industry include: Significant legacy waste and tailings dam stockpiles due to lack of industrial scale domestic solution, emerging markets such as “battery minerals” can result in large volumes of waste by-product that require disposal and ageing infrastructure requiring appropriate decommissioning.

Heavy industry

Heavy Industry

Challenges facing the heavy industry include: Significant legacy waste volumes due to lack of industrial scale domestic solution, ageing infrastructure requiring appropriate decommissioning and “Chain of Responsibility” legislation is increasing company, director and employee liability.

Contaminated land industry

Contaminated Land

Challenges facing the contaminated land industry continues to be an ever- changing issue for private developers, government, landowners, consultants, contractors and regulators alike. Increasing scientific understanding and regulation of contaminants and potential contaminants means the industry is facing additional significant challenges every year.

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