Additional Services

Environmental Services

Tellus provides a range of additional services to all clients as part of our end-to-end service offering, including:

    • Permitting
    • Consulting
    • Packaging
    • Loading
    • Characterisation and Testing
    • Transportation and Logistics Management
    • Site and Project Management.

Additionally, Tellus reserves the ability to invoice clients for mandatory services on a “cost plus” basis in certain circumstances (e.g. if a client ships to Tellus non-conforming waste, an emergency occurs, a consignment does not meet applicable requirements or regulations, etc.). Such services could include, but are not limited to, quarantining non-conforming wastes, emergency services, repacking damaged consignments, sampling and characterisation, container cleaning, etc.

Please contact your Tellus sales representative or for more information.

Waste management solution
Permit services

Permit services:

Tellus can project manage getting approvals and permits required to transport hazardous materials from the client’s site to a Tellus geological repository.


  • This service is provided to make it easy for the client to identify the options and scope of work involved in the client’s management of hazardous waste before a permit is applied for
  • Once the scope is agreed, then Tellus can assist the client in securing the necessary permits from the regulators involved in getting the materials from the client’s site to a Tellus repository in a compliant manner
Waste characterisation services

Waste characterisation services:

  • Tellus can provide project management of the waste characterisation steps required at pre-qualified independent laboratories
  • Safety data sheet preparation services


  • Waste will be accepted at a Tellus facility subject to strict acceptance criteria and the waste type has been confirmed by NATA accredited laboratory analysis
  • All testing is focused on long-term containment and safety, to ensure that no adverse chemical reactions can take place during or after placement
Waste packing services

Waste packing services:

Tellus can provide project management of the following:

  • Packaging and containment unit supply
  • Labelling and placarding supply
  • Packing services supply


  • Wastes transported to our facilities must be packed in compliant packagings and / or containment units for stakeholder risk management
  • Only compatible and like waste streams will be co-transported for stakeholder risk management, security and traceability
Waste transport services

Waste transport services:

Tellus can provide project management of the following:

  • Transport container supply
  • Collection
  • Transportation
  • Tracking


  • Wastes transported to our facilities must comply with all regulatory regimes including Chain of Responsibility (CoR), NHVL, Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Waste Acts
  • Through Tellus’ approved partners we can facilitate the inter- and multi-modal logistics to meet your requirements