Corporate & Project Presentations

Tellus’ Corporate & Project Presentations from years prior to 2023 are available by request. Please email your request to

Tellus has no current presentations from 2023 availbale.

Date Title Size
2023 Sept 22Tellus Annual Shareholder Webinar 2023
2022 Oct 272022 Shareholder Update Presentation
2021 Sep 232021 Shareholder Update Presentation
2020 Oct 23How to Reduce Risk and Litigation in Construction and Demolition Projects
2020 Sep 17Project Blue Bush Update – Broken Hill City Council
2019 Nov 21What’s Down the Track 2019 - Kalgoorlie
2019 Nov 185th International Symposium on the System of Radiological Protection
2019 Sep 05Chandler Project Update - Mining the Territory Conference Darwin
2018 Nov 15Kalgoorlie Community Presentation
2018 Sep 05Chandler Project Update - Mining the Territory Conference Darwin
2018 Mar 19Central Australia Regional Mining Seminar – Chandler Project Update
2017 Nov 15Tellus presents at the 18th Annual What’s Down The Track Forum - Kalgoorlie
2017 Oct 18The Proposed Chandler Facility - NT Major Projects Conference - Darwin
2017 Sep 11Role of Geological Repositries - 7th International Contaminated Site Remediation Conference
2017 Aug 17Chandler Project Update – Mining the Territory Conference
2017 Jun 20Tellus Holdings Chandler Project Community Update
2017 Mar 27The Proposed Chandler Facility, Central Australia Regional Mining Seminar, Alice Springs
2016 Nov 29Tellus Industry Technical Briefing on Geological Repositories - Perth
2016 Oct 26Tellus Presents at the WMAA Conference
2016 Sep 22Tellus Presents at the 10th Mining the Territory Conference
2016 May 25Tellus presents at DOPAS international experts conference in Finland
2016 Mar 14Central Australia Regional Mining Seminar, Alice Springs
2015 Aug 27Mining the Territory Conference, Darwin
2015 Jun 15Tellus Chandler and Sandy Ridge Project Updates
2015 Mar 18AGES 2015 Chandler Project Update
2015 Mar 18AGES 2015 Record of Abstracts
2015 Mar 16Central Australian Mining Seminar
2014 Dec 14NT Minerals Summit 2014, Darwin
2014 Aug 21Mining the Territory Conference
2014 Mar 17Regional Mining Conference in Alice Springs
2013 Oct 30特乐士钱德勒(Tellus Chandler)盐及化肥矿项目简介
2013 Oct 23豪州北部準州鉱業投資セミナー於
2013 Sep 117th Mining the Territory Conference
2013 May 22Australia China Minerals Investment Summit
2013 May 22达尔文中澳矿业投资峰会
2013 Mar 19Tellus Mining Services Expo Alice Springs
2012 Nov 12Tellus Company Presentation (中文)
2012 Sep 19Tellus Presentation to Mining in the Territory Conference