Revised Sandy Ridge Project

Tellus is requesting a change to the Sandy Ridge Project approved under Ministerial Statement 1078 (MS 1078) in June 2018 to align our licence capacity at the gate to the in-ground disposal capacity.

MS 1078 allows Tellus to accept 100,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) at the gate and isolate 280,000 tpa in the cell. The reason for the difference in the two rates is that liquid wastes received at the Facility require mixing with kaolin clay and an immobilisation agent to solidify the waste. This ensures all wastes are immobilised and not capable of generating leachate. This means no liquid material enters the dry waste cells.

Tellus seeks to align the mass of material received at the Facility gate to the mass of material disposed in the waste cells (280,000 tpa). This will provide Tellus with operational flexibility to accept more solid wastes when less liquid wastes are received and solve more of the emerging solid waste challenges we are seeing in WA and across the country.

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