To be Australia’s leader in world’s best practice geological repository waste solutions.


To contribute towards a safer and cleaner Australia by developing a portfolio of geological repositories that provide waste storage, recycling, recovery, permanent isolation services and related commodity by-products.


The Company’s Values are an integral part of the way Tellus conducts its operations.


  • Safety is always Tellus’ highest priority
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility and applies to self and others
  • Tellus’ 10 Safety Commitments are fundamental to Tellus safety approach
  • ‘Think Safe, Act Safe, Stay Safe’ is our motto
Permit services


  • We focus on external and internal clients by providing outstanding project management services
  • Only promise what you can deliver and deliver what you have promised


  • Tellus puts its people first and are treated fairly, with respect and compassion
  • People are supported professionally with career development opportunities
  • Our people are creative, innovative and solution focused experts
  • Our people form a culture of diversity and inclusion
  • We support the communities where we work
  • We deal fairly and ethically with suppliers
Environmental sustainbility


  • We create long term value for our shareholders
  • Our investments are financially profitable, technically appropriate, environmentally sound and socially responsible for the benefit of current and future generations


Tellus’ strategy is to deliver superior shareholder returns by developing, owning and operating a portfolio of long-life, low-cost, expandable, geological repositories and circular economy parks across Australia by offering hazardous waste long term storage, treatment, recycling, recovery and permanent isolation services and associated commodity by-products to our commercial, industrial and government clients.

Our goal is to ensure that Tellus’ geological repositories will

  • consist of sites that meet international best practice site selection criteria
  • be geographically spread across Australia
  • be diversified by type (near surface repository in clay and deep repository in salt)
  • have broad and varying waste acceptance licences (hazardous and/or exempt/ low-level radioactive waste)
  • handle a variety of waste types

We believe that waste is a valuable resource and we should find ways for it to re-enter the circular economy or be stored safely until it can.

Tellus aims to deliver superior shareholder returns across four distinct stages that will each service unique target markets and jurisdictions. Tellus is developing the Sandy Ridge project first, the Chandler facility and other proposed projects will follow.

Tellus’ business model mirrors world’s best practice solutions operating in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

Tellus strategy is underpinned by a balanced scorecard approach – with focus on financial, customer, internal business processes, learning and growth perspectives.