Sandy Ridge facility user information summary
Regulatory Approvals & Licensing
  • Sandy Ridge has Commonwealth, State and Local Government approvals and licensing that support a near surface clay geological repository with unique site selection criteria and safety case
  • Tellus’ Sandy Ridge and Chandler geological repositories are the only waste facilities in Australia that have been awarded Major Project Facilitation (MPF) status by the Australian Government
Waste types accepted
  • Broad range of waste acceptance
    • Hazardous chemical waste (most classes under the National Environment Protection Measures (NEPM) 75) that meets Tellus strict waste acceptance criteria and licence conditions
    • Hazardous radioactive waste (NORM & DSRS- up to low level radioactivity (LLW), but NO nuclear waste
  • Tellus is also developing the Chandler project that is planning to accept hazardous chemical waste including NORM (but NO nuclear waste) that meets Tellus strict WAC and licence conditions

Waste form accepted
  • Solid, sludge and liquid on surface
  • Solid waste only in cell (liquid materials require immobilisation before emplacement)
Container types accepted
  • Diversity of containers and bulk that meet regulatory approvals
Facility capacity
  • Licenced capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year for 25 years
Facility availability
  • By the latter half of 2020 will have a specialist fleet of heavy equipment, heavy and light vehicles, expert teams and EPA-licensed Facility is operationally available throughout the year
  • Remote location and dome provide additional protection and confidentiality for disposal of sensitive waste materials
Tellus people
  • Tellus’ people are highly qualified and experienced specialists ensuring industry best practice and safety of our operations
Jurisdictions (catchment)
  • Australia and Australian Economic Exclusive Zone (AEEZ)
Chain of responsibility compliance
  • Tellus meets the requirements and obligations under the Chain of Responsibility Laws and government policies that regulate the safe transport of goods by heavy vehicle on roads within Australia to the extent they apply to Tellus’ Services
  • Tellus can assist in the tracking of waste movement progress throughout the chain of responsibility from the consignor (sender) to the consignee (receiver)

  • Once the waste is accepted at a Tellus site, we can provide appropriate records for reporting
Assurance & insurance
  • Tellus has adequate assurance and insurance that has been agreed with the Regulators and has been international peer reviewed
Hub and spoke logistical network
  • Tellus working in collaboration with prequalified logistics experts, can provide supporting logistics infrastructure via a national hub and spoke model to our clients
Sandy Ridge receipt capabilities
  • Deliveries by rail (Kalgoorlie rail siding)
  • Bulk solids delivery by truck, e.g. side or end-tipper
  • Bulk liquid shipments, e.g. tanker trucks
  • Containerized shipments
  • Equipment shipments
  • Radiological package shipments
Tellus-site and off-site lab support
  • Tellus facilities are supported by an on-site specialist CHEM and RAD laboratory and workshops and off-site National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratories that ensure each facility meets environmental and statutory requirements