CRC CARE and Tellus Announce Partnership to Support Circular Economy Opportunities from Hazardous Materials Across Australia

  • On : September 13, 2022

CleanUp Conference 2022, Adelaide: CRC CARE and Tellus Holdings Ltd are proud to announce a partnership aimed at researching and developing new circular economy technologies across Australia with a focus on industrial hazardous materials, such as PFAS.

CRC CARE is a world-class and leading research institute focused on researching and discovering new remediation technologies that also underpin circular economy methodologies for waste, while Tellus operates Australia’s only licensed commercial geological repository (Sandy Ridge), which permanently isolates and stores a wide range of hazardous materials from across Australia.

This collaboration aims to capitalise on the unique strengths of two ESG-focused organisations to create better environmental outcomes for Australia as we drive towards decarbonisation and waste reduction.

To explain, Tellus intends to leverage its knowledge of the hazardous materials sector and connect interested parties from its broad client base with CRC CARE to enable the study of a wide range of strategic hazardous materials in the controlled environment at Sandy Ridge. The location will enable CRC CARE to conduct advanced research at a location that can safely store and handle strategic wastes in large volumes needed for commercial circular economy trials.

“We are proud to partner with CRC CARE to provide our clients an opportunity to safely and economically store and, in the future, potentially recover strategic hazardous materials. We believe this partnership will help reduce waste that needs to be disposed of in the future. This commitment to circular economy is crucial to our client’s sustainability strategies, particularly for customers in the oil and gas, heavy industry, rare earths and infrastructure spaces,” commented Tellus Managing Director, Nate Smith.

Tellus is working with CRC CARE to kick start this collaboration by funding an initial research project on a high-impact hazardous material, which should begin imminently.

Laureate Professor and Founding Director of CRC CARE, Ravi Naidu continued, “Working with Tellus will help to expand the list of leading companies that CRC CARE and our world-class academics are engaged with, while providing a unique field site for research at Sandy Ridge. Furthermore, this will allow CRC CARE and Tellus to share information to target research opportunities to the most pressing needs of the market.”


CRC CARE is a world-class and leading research institute focused on researching and discovering new remediation technologies underpinning circular economy methodologies for Waste. CRC CARE includes university and industry members who are committed to these goals.

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About Tellus Holdings Ltd:

Tellus is an innovative environmental services company cleaning up hazardous materials across Australia by developing and operating geological repositories and reinvesting in its communities through the circular economy. Its first facility, Sandy Ridge, is located north of Kalgoorlie in WA and is Australia’s first licensed commercial geological repository. It opened in early 2021 and can accept up to 100,000 tonnes per annum of hazardous materials in nearly any form (liquid, sludge, solid), typically without treatment, from across Australia and its Exclusive Economic Zone.

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