Tellus enters into strategic alliance with Leader in Global Waste Packaging, PacTec, Inc.

  • On : March 18, 2021
  • PacTec has provided the packaging to safely move millions of tonnes of hazardous waste in the US and around the globe
  • Such packaging provides a safe alternative to heavy drums and containers
  • Bolsters Tellus’ reputation as an innovator in the hazardous waste space

Tellus Holdings Ltd (Tellus), is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic alliance with PacTec, Inc., as its preferred hazardous waste packaging supplier. PacTec, based in the United States, is a global leader in flexible waste packaging for the waste and transportation industries.

With over 30 years of hazardous waste and low-level radioactive waste packaging experience, PacTec has provided the packaging to safely move millions of tonnes of hazardous waste in the US and around the globe.

The strategic alliance follows the recent opening of Tellus’ Sandy Ridge hazardous waste facility, near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Sandy Ridge is Australia’s only world-class commercially operated hazardous waste geological repository. Uniquely, Sandy Ridge can accept nearly any type of hazardous waste, usually without treatment.

CEO Nate Smith said that, “Tellus is excited to be the only Australian company that can offer our clients PacTec’s specially-engineered packaging that is trusted by governments and hazardous waste owners across the globe.”

“To achieve our mission of cleaning up hazardous waste across Australia, we need expert partners with innovative solutions like PacTec. We look forward to working with them to bring better waste solutions to our clients.”

PacTec and Tellus will be offering a full suite of flexible packaging including, but not limited to, UN-rated packaging, IP-1 and IP-2 certified packaging, and container-sized waste encapsulation bags. Such packaging provides a safe alternative to heavy drums and containers.

PacTec’s Division President Mike Sanchez said: “PacTec is very pleased to enter into a strategic alliance with Tellus Holdings as their preferred waste packaging supplier.”

“In our 30+ years in business, we’ve established a global footprint across three continents and are energized about our alliance with Tellus marking our fourth. We are eager for the opportunity to help Australians safely package, transport, and dispose of materials that could harm this beautiful country.”

“PacTec’s culture of innovation has enabled us to develop and patent 22 environmentally helpful solutions to date, with many more currently in the Research & Development phase. All of our facilities maintain ISO 9001:2015 certification and follow a strict quality assurance program to ensure we deliver the highest quality packaging. In addition to our full suite of standard flexible packaging products, in stock and ready to go, our in-house engineering team can provide product design, testing, and certification for any bespoke project-specific needs.”

Tellus’ Sandy Ridge facility is Australia’s only government approved operator of a commercial near-surface geological repository. Sandy Ridge is licensed to receive a range of hazardous waste types including chemical waste from a broad spectrum of industrial sectors, including mining, oil and gas, contaminated site remediation, and utilities. Sandy Ridge does not accept international waste, nuclear waste, or waste streams falling under intermediate (ILW) or high-level (HLW) radioactive waste designations.

For more information on Tellus, please visit the Tellus website.

For information on PacTec, please visit the PacTec website.

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About Tellus

Tellus is an innovative Australian environmental services group in the business of partnering with our clients to find a permanent disposal solution for hazardous waste and removing it safely and responsibly from our society and environment to a world class, remote near-surface geological repository. We also have the opportunity to reinvest in our communities through the circular economy and recycling technologies. Our first geological repository called Sandy Ridge, based northwest of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, is now fully open for business. It is licensed to accept a broad range of hazardous waste up to 100,000 tonnes per annum for the next 25 years. Unlike a traditional waste landfill that relies on a liner, Sandy Ridge relies on a multi-barrier, natural safety case, underpinned by unique geology. Our safety case is so strong that we can permanently dispose of Class IV and Class V waste for our clients, and in turn, they have the opportunity to remove contingent liability for clean-up off their balance sheet and optimise the value of their sites, once de-contaminated. Other sites around Australia are also being considered for development by Tellus, including New South Wales in the Broken Hill region, and the Northern Territory.

About PacTec

PacTec, Inc. is a global provider of flexible waste packaging, including specialty nuclear products, spill containment berms, dewatering filters and tubes, IP-1/IP-2 lift bags, tarps, liners and more. Our corporate offices are based in Clinton, LA with sales and distribution locations across America including the United Kingdom and Asia. We also own and operate manufacturing facilities in the United States and Subic Bay, Philippines to meet global supply logistics. We have a corporate philosophy of manufacturing packaging, but engineering solutions where none exist. With over 22 US and 1 British patent to date with many currently in the Research & Development phase, we have built a reputation for developing innovative solutions for today’s problems. Established in 1989, we have grown from a humble operation in Clinton, LA to a global leader with over 250 employees worldwide. For more information, please contact Marketing Director Trey Castleberry or visit our website at