Tellus Completes Successful Pre-Operational Trial Run

  • On : March 9, 2020

Tellus is pleased to announce that it has completed a successful pre-operational trial run at our Sandy Ridge Facility. Tellus intends to begin accepting waste for surface storage upon receipt of final pending government approvals.

The pre-operational trial run included:

  • Agreeing the transport management plan with stakeholders.
  • Toll loading four Tellus containers in Perth and safely transporting such containers to Sandy Ridge.
  • Complying with chain of responsibility requirements and utilising strict verification checks at site.
  • Tellus offloading the containers and placing them in Sandy Ridges’ temporary surface storage infrastructure (called “East Yard”), which currently has a 3,000-tonne capacity.
  • Testing operational equipment.
  • Final checks of container locks and tamper proof seals.
  • Testing our emergency response protocols and other key systems.

This trial run confirmed that our temporary surface storage infrastructure, our equipment, people and processes are each ready to begin surface storage of waste.

We invite you to experience this successful trial run by watching the short video linked below.

Construction of the rest of the Sandy Ridge Facility is well underway and is progressing in-line with our approvals, schedule and budget. In-cell placement of waste at Sandy Ridge is on track to begin in Q3 2020.

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